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Our Products


An operating system designed for running on many devices ranging from phones to desktop computers. It is the core of our software ecosystem.
Cerus Public Testing
Cerus is currently in the public testing phase.
Project Argama
The online services that we provide. It makes up a huge chunk of our infrastructure. You can many services ranging from files to streaming videos from different devices.
Announcement of Cerus
We are proud to announce a new product that'll be launching soon. It is called Cerus and it is a Discord bot hosting platform. More information to come out soon.

Who we are

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The power of the future
At Midstall Software, we’re always looking to develop better and new solutions to modern problems. We follow the FOSS philosophy as it allows a better relationship between the developers here and users.
Interested in supporting us?
With our software being open source, any developer who meets our needs is welcomed to contribute code. If your not a developer, you may support us on Patreon or LiberaPay.