Midstall Software
Midstall Software
An operating system designed for running on many devices ranging from phones to desktop computers. It is the core of our software ecosystem.

Reliable Design


SELinux & AppArmor
With SELinux and AppArmor, ExpidusOS is designed to protect you and your data from many different kinds of threats.
Windows and macOS
If you think ExpidusOS can't run your favorite Windows or macOS programs, we've got the support for you. ExpidusOS easily lets you install the compatibility layer for Windows and macOS applications without the need for rebooting. It's as simple as going to the application store and looking up "Windows Compatibility Layer" or "macOS Compatibility Layer" and clicking install.
Open Source
Our source code to ExpidusOS is open, this means people can easily contribute their time into developing or fixing features and components of ExpidusOS.
ExpidusOS is even designed to allow Android applications to run with the installation of the "Android Compatibility Layer". This allows for the majority of Android applications ranging from office to games.
Project Argama
The online services that we provide. It makes up a huge chunk of our infrastructure. You can many services ranging from files to streaming videos from different devices.